On Sunday. Haman…The hunter Became the hunted.

Esther 7:7-10

And the king, arising from the banquet of wine in his wrath went into the palace garden: and Haman stood up to make request for his life to Esther the queen; for he saw that there was evil determined against him by the king…….

Verse 10:..So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king’s wrath abated.


 Heroes act while other people stand and watch. Somebody becomes a hero when they take quick action at the ‘right time’ while others stand and watch in horror. A true hero recognizes the crisis and rises to meet it. This is the kind of courage that made Esther a great personality in this scripture.

As a queen, Esther risked her life to save the jews. She used her powerful position to her great advantage for salvation of the jews. God had coincidentally designed that a slave should become a queen with a purpose. Sometimes God designs our lives in a manner that brings salvation just as with Esther’s case.

Mordecai was a cousin to Esther. They were jews. Despite the notion that God loved the jews…and that he was with them from the beginning, the situation in this case demanded that they be wiped out all of them. Indeed they looked helpless. Seemingly, they had nobody to rescue them. The Jews seemed successful but were a minority race in the Persian empire. The natives were jealous of their successes and separatism. So a vengeful Prime minister, Haman, made up his mind to destroy them.

Haman’s plot to destroy the jews was a perfect one according to him. Being the chief of protocol, and holding a powerful position in the office of the Prime minister meant he could easily influence the king to act in his favor. He issued an edict of government sponsored genocide. Ultimately, this was not the case.

 The plot to kill jews turned dramatic when Esther found favor in the eyes of the king throughout the events. Mordecai uncovered a conspiracy earlier on and his good effort had long been forgotten but God’s time came when his honor was due. When the king saw Esther unhappy, he resolved to yield to her demands to eliminate her unhappiness. In this case the king discovered that Haman was behind all Esther’s trouble. He comfortably ordered an execution of Haman.

The story about Haman, Mordecai and Esther is a great lesson for us as Christian believers today. There are various lessons that we can draw from that story. The lessons include the following;

  • Don’t plan evil for people. God turns the same evil towards you.
  • You may want to kill somebody in life but you end up being killed instead. Haman wanted to kill Jews. He ended up dying instead.
  • Position and status is nothing. It’s not as powerful as the status of God and is useless if God is not in it.
  • The hunter can become the hunted. What you do to somebody, or you wish that be done to somebody can be done to you.
  • Never despise anyone in life. Haman despised Mordecai. Instead, he ended up taking Mordecai round the city on a horse, in the best robes.
  • In desperate situations, always seek God. Fast and pray the way Jews did. They got a breakthrough. God is the best solution to problems.

It’s not surprising that there are people in this world who behave like Haman. They take their time planning how to destroy the lives of others. They use their power to the detriment of the helpless people. They are in power and so misuse that power. The case of Haman, Mordecai and Esther teaches us that as long as God exists, no evil shall fall upon you even if someone plots to kill you. God assigns angels to take control of everything.

Just like in Psalms 91, no evil, whether night or noon day shall fall near you. All the weapons fashioned against you shall not prosper (Isaiah 54:17). The Lord will always create a way out so that you remain safe.

When disaster strikes, as with the case of the jews in the book of Esther, always align yourself with God. Fast and pray. The Jews did exactly that and they got a breakthrough. If you do that, God will be on your side. If God is for you, who can stand against you?

Haman was the hunter. Mordecai was the hunted. In the end, Mordecai was the hunter. Haman became the hunted. Not only that. Haman died.



Not everyone likes your Prosperity..

#Not everyone loves the way you do things and succeed#.

In fact, some people may feel more envious each time you scoop an award. This has happened before. They may feel you didn’t deserve the trophy! This is practical.

When you are a strong personality, a few people may celebrate your charisma. Majority may want to oppose it, and some may even spend sleepless nights trying to water it down.

Your achievements usually remind them of their weaknesses. In other words, your strength is a reminder of their weaknesses. When you appear on stage to present a concept paper, a song, or to make your speech, they feel inferior. They dig in your presentation for mistakes to bring you down to their level. That’s the only’best’ thing they can do.

When people fight you, or hate you for no clear reason, it may mean the following;

  • That you are superior, and so you make them look inferior.
  • Your personality is great and so they need to oppose it in order for them to make it. They have no other way of competing with you.
  • Your intelligence is far greater than theirs and so they are not of your class. You belong to a higher class than them.
  • They are not and may not suit on your ‘true friends’ list.
  • Not everyone is pleased with what you do in life. Your success is their source of strife.

Not everyone celebrates when you win. Not all people around you who jump up when you succeed feel good. Don’t be surprised.

When you are a great personality, the kind of opposition that you receive every time is intense than an ordinary personality.

The difficulties that you face are usually very great. But then afterwards, the glory will match the greater difficulties. In other words, the greater the difficulty, the greater the glory. So, stay positive always no matter what.

Always feel proud when you find yourself opposed, especially when you know that you are doing the right thing. Don’t shed tears. Instead, take advantage and affirm your faith. People fear to approach somebody who has a firm stand. They fear somebody who likes speaking the truth.

When you celebrate your success, do it like you will never celebrate again. It’s your time and turn. What do you want to spare?

But remember, not everyone likes your Prosperity.


A helping hand…the best noble course..

One of the best noble courses in the world is giving.

Giving is a constitution of the divine nature and role. Not all of us can give the same way, same manner with same attitude. We differ. That’s however not the main point. The bottom line of it all is that the starting point of prosperity in life is giving. 

If God gave his son, then you can also give someone a special gift. Happiness, and indeed true happiness emerges from giving. When you give your time, your property, your ideas or even your loyalty, you open the doors for more privileges that you wouldn’t have acquired ordinarily.

When you become selfish, you limit your blessings. When you can’t help others or even make them a success, you may die unhappy. You can’t celebrate anything, you can’t leave any legacy. When you heap wealth, you may not consume the whole of it alone. It becomes useless when you die. That’s the whole truth.

Kindly remember the following:

  • It’s in giving that you and me receive.
  • True giving doesn’t involve grudge. It’s selfless.
  • A helping hand is stronger than compared to a receiving hand.
  • To make your life better, make other people’s lives better first.
  • Selfishness doesn’t pay. Or if it pays, the reward is poverty.
  • You either lose by saving or save by losing.

Give today. The measure you give is the measure you receive. 

Thank you.


Today Marks your Future.

#yesterday #today #tomorrow #future….very predictable!

Future is never a past tense affair. It’s a present tense affair. There’s no future tense without present tense.


Seasons are sequential. Actions within those seasons are consequential. Seasons are also predictable. They are serial as well. They come and go. God’s design.

It’s probable that your success or failure that you have today largely depends on the kinds of buttons you pressed yesterday. Yesterday can go as far as decades lived. You have come a long way and now you are harvesting the fruit of your actions back in time today.

Everyone wants to succeed. They yearn for a celebration day. It’s true. But there are some facts that need to be looked at regarding success, or making it in life. Without these facts, then the future is a fallacy.

Tomorrow’s woes are pegged today. Many years to come, the results are determined by today’s decisions…and even tomorrow’s. If you can’t do something today, know that you will never do it. Haven’t you heard that…tomorrow never comes? Your future therefore is marked today. It’s shaped this hour. If you use your time poorly today, then you are making your a future a mis-celebration.

You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

People who run away from responsibility end up meeting the same responsibility even a after a decade down the road. The responsibility would have matured into something else gigantic and can’t be overcome. In other words, escape of responsibility today makes them create a future disaster. Such victims don’t realize that their future is today. Nature doesn’t accommodate cowards. In as much cowards exist in this world, there’s no way future will accommodate them on this.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Future can be predicted. It just depends on you. What kind of future do you want? a mansion, a Rolls-royce, helicopter to move around, a home for the less fortunate? Name it. Write it on paper. Start a plan. Sail towards your future. You can choose to navigate east, or west, or north or south. It depends on you. You have everything in your hands. You also have everything in your head. You have a heart as well, a source of inspiration to do what you want to shape your future starting today. To predict the future means you become visionary, and so you see it today. You draw a plan, and establish a protocol of events that guide your journey to the future.

People who have no vision, always do not know their future. Well, if they know it, then just in a limelight. Such people live their lives with anxiety and would raise all sorts of questions and problems that would otherwise have been managed comfortably as they journey along.

You are the leader of  your own life. Leadership is action, not position.

Everyone is given their life by God to manage it, and lead. Everyday, you decide your future by the actions you take. You either interfere with future life or build it during your leadership practices. The steps you take in your life, any innovation, and creativity determine how able you are as a leader to shape your own life. To lead your life well, always practise the profession that you best know. Use the position wisely. Positions do not automatically translate into future success. You have to integrate it wisely into your future affairs. Do something which you understand well without straining, and so you get the perfect results . Here, there’s no time wasting because masterly attributes lead you into early accomplishment.

Time. Everything leans on time. Believe me.

Time dictates everything my dear friends. If you had all the money in the world, but no time to spend it, then forget! On the flipside, if you had all the time in the world, but no money, I am sure you can look for it. Expensive life require a well calculated timetable of time expenditure. A highly standardized life is managed well if time factor is handled properly. The future is bright if today’s time is managed perfectly. If you do things with speed, take care how you do them. It’s very dangerous to hurry and go far, because when you realize you went the wrong direction, it will take you a lot of time to come back home and start afresh. Speed is only useful if you are running in the right direction. …and be sure that you are running in the right direction!

Judge a man by his questions, not the answers. 

Several questions can make you understand me, and my future…rather how my future looks like. ‘Am I progressing in my life, my career, my business, or my skill?’ ‘Have I set the necessary standards, realistic targets?’ ‘Are my friends of value or just meant for a ride?’ ‘Do I have an everyday day goal?’….and if yes, do I accomplish each day’s task as scheduled?’

Good questions, good answers, good future.

Today marks your future. Do you agree?