How to Battle when in Battle.


A battle is never an easy affair. Never.

It’s very unwise and unintelligent to assume that you shall win any battle every time while fighting…whether a minor or a major one.

It’s also erroneous to just wake up and start fighting without taking stock in the enemy’s shop or even developing some strategy on how to attack the enemy. When an enemy attacks you, it always means they prepared to do so a few days, weeks, months, or years ago. They prepared everything in the unseen realm, and now they appear in the physical realm to attack you. If you are not steady in such circumstances, you may lose the battle….they found you unawares.

When the enemy ambushes you, be sure to stagger a little bit before re-collecting yourself. He may first hit your eyes, and you may not see. Or he may hit your legs and so you may not run or walk, or even stand. He may hit your arms hard until you can’t fight. And so he may take advantage and harm you totally. So please, always be prepared. Walk, talk and live as if the battle is at the next corner.

Below are tips on how to battle when in battle. Most of these tips form strategies that help you and me to battle;

  • Know your enemy first, then locate him.
  • Take stock. Find out the strength and weaknesses of your enemy. Evaluate them prudently.
  • Prepare. Carry out adequate training. Make sure you train in accordance with the strategies you are going to apply.
  • When you launch an attack, don’t think of retreating. You either win or die. So, make a firm resolution.
  • Have more than one strategy. If one fails, switch to the next one.
  • Don’t compromise set standards while fighting.

#Most battles are fought when you least expect to fight. So always be prepared#.

#The bigger the battle, the more energy and sophisticated strategy you require#.

When you lose a battle, learn the lesson and use it to improve your weaknesses. Don’t feel resentful. Always accept. You have to move on. Other bigger battles are waiting for you ahead. Stand up, dust yourself and cheer yourself up!

When you win a battle, don’t celebrate loosely. The enemy may attack you while in your camp during those excitement periods. When you are elated, it can take you time to adjust and that gives advantage to your opponent. So be modest in celebration.

Most people do not fight when the enemy attacks their camp. Instead, they cry around, putting on a face of misery. The enemy doesn’t care about your need for a sympathetic ear. The best option is to quickly strategize and fight back. Remember that the damage the enemy may leave you with may be too heavy for you when you leave them to amply destroy your camp.

God is supreme when it comes to battles. He is the mighty warrior, great in battle. Depend on him. You shall win.




Be of good courage…

If you ask most people who stand before large crowds and speak eloquently or control the audience fully, they will tell you that a sense of fear usually beckons at them repeatedly before they assume the stage. At some point they usually feel a nerve shrivel or a heart beat quickened a little.

But what you are sure to learn from them is that they usually resolve that fear doesn’t stop them from going forward. They have masterly nature of taking courage and holding onto it, allowing it to dominate the beckoning fear.

They choose to forget about fear. They smile, breathe in, relax and tell themselves that nobody is going to harm them just because they are standing in front of people. They become loyal to courage and rebels to fear. They know that this usually works well for them from experience.

If you are a type of person whom fear overtakes every time you want to do something, then please know that you have a duty to start reminding yourself that you need to be courageous from today. It requires that you make a resolution and stick to it.

Courage can make you get what belongs to you in life. Fear makes you to lose it, and so you can live your life miserably.

Without courage, you can’t swim, even in shallow waters. In other words, when you are full of fear, you perceive any waters as deep and so will never attempt to swim.

When you fear, you are likely to compromise on your standards in life. For example, at a work place, you can forge a document or bribe to keep your job because you fear being sacked. Worse still, you can bribe to get a job after interview because you fear being left out.

People without courage use dubious means to live life. They have no power to stand their ground and make things straight. They therefore end up sinning. To sin in silence when you should have come out in open makes you a coward.

People with courage may not have been born with it….and at some point they may have been the most of cowards in history. But they may have changed their story when they decided to take on the armour of courage.

If your mind decides that nothing is going to stop it from moving forward, then truly speaking, the body will have to obey command….whatever state the body will be in. Nothing can be a hindrance to a mindset. An already formed mind is like a hard stone that can’t be broken by a human fist. A decided mind is never a divided mind.

The power to be courageous is in your hands. You only need to decide.

Don’t live in fear. Don’t live in resentment. Don’t be frustrated unfairly, in silence. Don’t let fear rule your life. If you do that, you will never become who you were meant to be. When you look yourself in a mirror, you will hate yourself because the person you will be seeing in the mirror is not the real you.

Courage and fear are two different terms. You can only be defined by one. 

Thank you. 


Whatever you sow….expect a harvest.

A farmer plants. God waters naturally. The yield becomes ready in season. He may know the season and so he prepares to harvest.

You are a farmer in your own life, and in the people’s lives as well. You sow and God waters. The growth of your crop is the work of God. And God makes sure that you have to harvest your crop.

When you sow pepper, expect to harvest pepper. Whatever you sow, so shall you reap. That’s the law of God.

In life, we sow our crops daily. The time we use to relate with our brothers and sisters in society is that same time that we plant our seeds. And so, soon we start harvesting.

When you sow good seeds, you harvest good yield. When you sow bad seeds, you harvest bad yield. I usually pray to God to help me sow good seeds everyday so that I can harvest good yield.

Life and relationships are seeds. A wise person sows good seeds. He relates well with people most of the time. A fool sows bad seeds. A fool and a wise person are differentiated by the type of seeds they sow. You can be able to see the difference by looking at the kind of yield each one of them harvests at the end.

When you spend most of your time ruining people’s lives, then be sure that you will be heading towards doom because those are bad seeds you will have planted. The measure you give is the same measure you get. 

When people shed tears because of you, or when others lose their lives because of your actions, then you have a very huge unpleasant harvest waiting for you ahead. God is not a man that he should lie. The holy scriptures teach us precisely.

Bad seeds are full of weeds. Don’t mix with people who corrupt your mind or influence you to err. Don’t sow seeds in your life that people just give you to sow. Be sure that they are good seeds before you sow them.

The power to sow good seeds comes from God. Doing good to people requires a heart that is in tune with the gift of generosity….a heart that is like a bottomless pit which can always accommodate the much it can.

Life is not only just measured by the number of years that we live on earth, but also by the kind of fruits we harvest after sowing our seeds.

Whatever you sow, expect a harvest.


Battles are Fought, Not Thought.


It’s very unwise to imagine that you can win a battle by sitting back and not taking any action. A good soldier rises to go and fight. Please mark that.

You fight. You put on your armour and face the opponent. This is not and is never an imaginary affair. 

But before that, you need to train first. You may only do little in the battle field if you trained insufficiently or didn’t train at all. The enemy may sound stronger for you because of such reasons. Remember the following:

  • You may have all the weapons, all the armies but may end up being defeated. Why? Because you may be having a poor strategy, or no skill because of poor or no training. Everything being available doesn’t guarantee success. The enemy may still overtake you.
  • Every battle requires resilience. Fight up to the end. Resolve to fight until you die. Either you win or die. Two things only. Nothing in between.
  • Battles are not fought by cowards. When you run away, the enemy gets a chance to shoot your bare back. You may have a breast plate in place, and a shield but your back may not be equally protected. So you endanger your back when you run away. Face the enemy.

Battles come in different forms in our lives. Diseases, alcoholism, marital problems, poverty, court cases are just some of them. Remember also that battles may be psychological, for example a mind set that one will never make it in life however much they try.

When you are faced with a battle, remember that your faith is being tested. To grow stronger, you need to be exposed to a test or an examination. As you pass one test, you face another one….and eventually you graduate.

A winner is never characterized by how many battles they fought but how they kept on rising, a battle after another.

The best way to wage war against the enemy is to plan and attack using tact and never to retreat even if the enemy looks fierce or stronger than you.

When you know you are a coward, you may decide to shout and threaten the enemy…in your cowardice state. The enemy may interpret the shout as a danger that wants to send them to the grave. When you know that you don’t have courage, just pretend that you have it. 

It’s very wrong to think that battles are won overnight. It’s never an easy ride. Always prepare adequately. 

That’s the truth. Thank you.


Why mistakes are important…

It’s not a mistake when one does a mistake. Somebody is never defined as a failure when found in a mistake. A learner doesn’t become a failure because of making a mistake.

It’s not a mistake when you take a wrong direction. It’s a mistake when you take the same wrong direction you took before. In other words, twice a mistake in the same manner, then know you are a failure.

In my career life, as a Lecturer, a Motivator and a Coach, I have failed at times to catch up with my schedule, simply because of a few mistakes. When that happens, I simply sit down and draw a lesson out of it, then plan a new lesson again. I use the mistake…the occurrence as a ladder to climb up and reach my goal. I make sure that the mistake I did is turned into a positive affair that brings me fruits from my success garden. I use the mistake to cultivate, asses and evaluate myself. My mistakes are my mirror, my checklist, my scoresheet, my drawing board, my reflection, my mock test, my preliminary match, my test effort……my……

Mistakes are important dear ladies and gentlemen. They show us, and even remind us that we are human. Mistakes make us appreciate nature and make us realize that God designed failure and success. The reason why mistakes are considered to be part of our lives is that they teach us lessons while on the journey to our destination and if we don’t embrace them, we lose the history of the journey altogether. Mistakes are a proof that we are attempting to do something, that we are not sitting back all along.

The only critical mind I would like to pen down here is that a first mistake serves well with a human being. But a repeat of the same mistake calls for a different treatment. A failure would repeat the same mistake he/she did yesterday. A failure is someone who can’t learn. A failure and a fool parallel each other. Fools don’t learn either. 

Mistakes are important because they help us to see. When we go wrong, we correct the situation and we are therefore able to see both sides of the situation (good and bad) better. In this case, we can do a better judgement afterwards.

It’s a mistake to ignore a mistake. It’s a mistake to think that making a mistake for the first time means failure. It’s a mistake not to correct a situation after you have done a mistake. It’s a mistake to think that mistakes are not important and should not be considered as part of the whole process. It’s a mistake to think that we were born perfect…and that we can do everything precisely from the word go. When you make a mistake, don’t stay there crying and showing resentment. Stand up, dust yourself off and move on. Life has to go on.

It’s a mistake to repeat the same mistake. It’s a mistake to continuously make mistakes without considering correction. It’s a mistake to think that you can’t make it in life. 
Mistakes are important. If you think they are not, fine. But before you became who you are, I am sure you passed through the ‘mistake’ shadow. You may have learnt from those mistakes and shaped yourself better. I am certain about that.

You need an Eagle’s eye…

Be like an eagle. Mount up your wings. Soar high, high above the hills, valleys, mountains and oceans. Be safe and stay there. There is where you belong. 



An eagle flies high but watches all that happens below it. An eagle can visualize so many miles away from the earth. When there’s fish in the ocean for example, an eagle is able to see and so will go for it. If you are visionary like an eagle, you don’t have to move near for you to see. You just need to stay afar but keep focus.

#Keep buoyancy

Just like an eagle, you can stay a balanced life, stay on course, no drifting. An eagle can fly against the tough winds without loss of buoyancy. Storms should not make you drift off the course. Stay bouyant in order to achieve your goal.

#When tempests fall, raise your bar, your standards.

In the air, an eagle goes above the storm. It raises itself up so that the tempest or the storm goes below it. Success will never lower its standards to accommodate you. You have to raise your standards to achieve it.

#Don’t lose what you grasp.

When an eagle comes down to clutch some prey, it snugly places the prey in its claws. It doesn’t let go. It utilizes the powerful nature of its claws. Why do you hold on your talents, your fortune or your opportunities loosely? Learn from the eagle. Hold tightly what is valuable and profitable.

#Spread your wings

An eagle spreads its wings to balance its status and life in the air. This means that always think big. Be on course to network, to build great relationships, find solutions and appreciate people’s opinion and talents. Don’t be conservative. Success comes when you spread your wings. Spread your wings.